Virtual Art Class for kids based on the book My Heart Fills with Happiness

Virtual Mini Make "My Heart Fills With Happiness" Project

$12.00 CAD

Virtual Mini Make is an online art class for kids 2-5yrs old, though big kids will enjoy joining in too! Each week we’re inspired by a different storybook and will make a mixed media project. Class videos can be watched at your own time, and you can listen to our story on IGTV.

This class is inspired by "My Heart Fills With Happiness"! Watch Erin B read the story on IGTV, and then do a class inspired by the book.

This project creates a portrait of two people walking together hand in hand. You might want to help smaller children along by pre-cutting out some people shapes. Materials include a large piece of paper for a back ground, mixed coloured paper for making clothes and details on the people, glue stick, scissors and tempera paint.

Purchase this class and you'll receive a link for your video + password within 48hrs. Watch it as many times as you like whenever you like!