Virtual Art Class for kids based on the book Studio a Place for Art to Start

Virtual Mini Make "Studio A Place for Art To Start" Project

$12.00 CAD

Virtual Mini Make is an online art class for kids 2-5yrs old, though big kids will enjoy joining in too! Each week we’re inspired by a different storybook and will make a mixed media project. Class videos can be watched at your own time, and you can listen to our story on IGTV.

This class is inspired by "Studio A Place for Art to Start"! Watch Erin B read the story on IGTV, and then do a class inspired by the book.

Inspired by the dust jacket on this book we're making an art studio you can see inside of!  Materials for this project - Piece of colourful paper x 3 (one for the back ground and two for the "walls" we'll open. Glue stick, markers or pencil crayons, colourful paper scraps, scissors, extra paint (optional) .Purchase this class and have a video link + password sent to you within 48hrs. You can watch it as many times as you like, whenever works best for you.