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Dear Canada Council by Emily Holton

Dear Canada Council

Collage Collage

by Emily Holton

Dear Canada Council / Our Starland is a reversible book of two novellas and 40 drawings. It is the first in the Conundrum Doubles series.Dear Canada Council is an illustrated plea for plane tickets, in which the narrator details her plans to "found a town." Complete with Incas, crickets, and a small family of deaf-mutes, her written request doubles as what also might be the craziest love poem you've ever read. Awestruck and sleepless in Hamilton, she is haunted by visions of celebrity reporter Brian Linehan, obsessed with a young boy she saw once on the TV news, and just wants to do better, get married, and wear a sash, a red mayor's sash. Can't Canada Council help her out?Our Starland is a story broken into small, dreamy pieces. Flash by flash, its characters navigate through a night in the fruit picking diaspora of the Okanagan Valley. Hitchhiking, nightwalking, these characters remember the constellations wrong, leave their daughters alone, and sleep outside, once again, but with a sleeping bag this time.


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