Malo and the Merry-Go-Round by Maria Dek

Malo and The Merry-Go-Round by Maria Dek

$24.95 CAD

We've loved Maria Dek's work around here for a while - "A Walk In The Woods" remains a store favorite, and this new title doesn't disappoint. A review from Google Books follows;

" It's a beautiful day and Malo has promised to help his best friend Poto make pickles. But when Malo hears there's a new merry-go-round in the forest, all bets are off. Abandoning Poto, he rushes through the forest, ignoring a boar in need of help, snapping at a cuckoo, and smooshing a dung beetle's dung. When he finally finds the merry-go-round, Malo realizes that riding alone would be no fun at all. Lucky for Malo, his friend Poto not only forgives him, but also helps him set his other wrongs right with the forest animals. This delightfully offbeat tale, set in a whimsical forest of giant mushrooms and towering trees, teaches the importance of saying "I'm sorry," forgiveness, and friendship."