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April 8 - May 31

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We carry a beautiful collection of books at our brick and mortar shop.
An in store experience for children and their parents offered from 12-4pm daily for children 3yrs and up.

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Christmas Crafts Sparkly Pom Pom Garlands

Christmas Crafts Sparkly Pom Pom Garlands

This simple craft is so easy to make and will have your home sparkly, festive and fun in moments. It's best to do this one with your children, as they'll enjoy dipping the pom poms in the glue + sparkles - best to do it together and avoid major spills. I recommend that only an adult or older kid use the needle and thread needed...

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The SuperPower Field Guide to BEAVERS by Rachel Poliquin

The SuperPower Field Guide to BEAVERS by Rachel Poliquin

Rachel Poliquin has written her first book and it is so great. We're always looking for inspiring books for older kids at the shop, and this one is wonderful for fact loving readers. Illustrated by Nicolas John Frith in a vintage-but-modern way - this guide book is fun loving, interesting and unexpected. You can meet Rachel this weekend at the shop and ask her everything...

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