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Drop- In Class at Collage Collage

Drop- In Class at Collage Collage

Drop-In Class is our longest running class for ages 2.5-5 yrs old!

In this caregiver + child we start with warm up drawing, read a story as a group, then work on a mixed media project inspired by the story of the week.

Each week our theme, and materials vary so that little ones get the opportunity to experience something new.

This is a process based class, so caregiver and child are encouraged to have fun with the materials, and not worry about the outcome! 

This class runs on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00

Families are welcome to sign up at the door 15-20 min ahead of start time. 

Like any drop-in programming, this class is first come first serve. We like to keep classes small to make sure that everyone has equal attention from the teacher, and a comfortable space to work in. Our classes have an 8 child maximum.

Come to class and don’t make it onto the list? Have no fear! You can come back and do OPEN STUDIO from 12:00–3:00 any day! 

We know that it is exciting to start taking classes, but we do recommend waiting until you are in the age bracket to attend this class, because it is a sit down class for about 45 min, we find that ages +2.5-5 are best suited to this activity. Trust us, it will be more fun for you and your little one!

Don’t want to rush out to add your name to the list?  Join MINI MAKE, a month long version of Drop-In class, sign up for a month at a time, and secure your spot.

Have a little sibling? You are welcome to bring newborn / infant siblings to class, as long as you feel comfortable wearing / holding them during the class! Unfortunately our classroom can’t accommodate strollers , nor do we have the facilities to set up alternate activities for smaller siblings during class. 

Hope to get crafty with you soon!