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Hello Crow & Chelsea O'Byrne

Hello Crow & Chelsea O'Byrne

We love celebrating books at Collage Collage by throwing book launches for them. We'll organize a craft built just for the illustrations or themes in the book, and then delight as the kids create something just as wonderful as the images in the book itself.

You can imagine our delight this week, when we found ourselves preparing a craft for "Hello Crow" a book by Candace Savage and illustrated by our very own Chelsea O'Byrne.

The book follows Franny as she befriends a crow, but no one really believes that's the case. The crow brings her treasures, and her Dad especially is skeptical about Franny's "featherhead" ideas - but things change when Franny finally gets her chance to prove that her crow friend is real.

Though this is Chelsea's third book, it's the first one we've carried at the shop. To celebrate we're having a launch this Saturday, September 28th from 12-2pm. You can pre order your copy today or come by and pick one up on Saturday. A free crow based craft will be available from 12-2pm.