Make Something Great



I can't believe how much goodness came my way this weekend. It all started with making crepe paper hats at the CAG's 40th Birthday Bash, followed by a wonderful workshop at the store - we were so busy I never even snapped a photo!

Luckily, on Saturday back at the CAG we did get some shots of the amazing Corita Kent exhibit, and the workshop we did with the fine folks at Imprint. I really was blown away by the event, and even surprised myself in remembering to let go a little more - the workshop involved making Kent inspired prints and banners, and then marching through downtown with The Carnival Band. It was really, really silly, and joyful and good.

Corita Kent exhibit at the CAGCorita Kent exhibit at the CAGCorita Kent exhibit at the CAGCorita Kent exhibit at the CAG

Saturday night we rushed back to the shop to enjoy our opening with Kyu Hwang's work, and then Sunday afternoon we had juice and cookies and TOTALLY ROCKED OUT at the first ever MURDERBURGER show. It's a slightly scary name for a band of 2, ages 9 and 11 - and they truly were the stars of the weekend. I'm so proud of them for playing at the shop and reminding us all that we need music, art and dance around us ALWAYS. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible, and to everyone in my life that inspires me to do what I love every single day. Happy Birthday indeed.


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