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🎨 Art & Poetry 📝 We could all use a little more in our lives...

🎨 Art & Poetry 📝 We could all use a little more in our lives...

Roses are Red, Pom Poms are Blue, would you like to read a poem or two?

Did you read poetry as a kid? I have a perfectly worn out copy of Shel Silverstein's "Where The Sidewalk Ends" that I've enjoyed sharing with my kids of late. I'm getting really similar vibes from "Forwards Always" a new book of poems by Matthew Hodson. Poems can be a wonderful little lift, a delight to read aloud to one another, and a reminder of how amazing great writing can be.

I walked through the shop looking for some poetic moments - and found so many, I thought I'd share a little more about each one here. In truth alot of kids' books read as a single poem - don't you agree?

Giving the gift of poetry is a wonderful way to change the scope of what a child wants to read, and can deeply impact what they write. Let's get reading.


 The Grand Hotel of Feelings by Lidia Brankovic

All the feelings

"The Grand Hotel Of Feelings" isn't a book of poetry, but it reads as such to me. Feelings all check into the Grand Hotel, and each page reads like a little verse for each one. A perfect gift for a kid or adult.

 Swan Song by Sonja Ahlers

For grown ups...

We have had a couple of Sonja Ahler's books in the shop over the years, and I always find something new when I open a copy of "Swan Song". Sonja's writing is part of the collages themselves, revealing what I think are little poems made of words and images.

Sylvester's Letter by Matthew Burgess and Josh Cochran

Love letters...

Sylvester's Letter walks tenderly with grief. It's beautiful and such a perfect thing for a child who has lost a grandparent. Sylvester is writting his grandmother a letter after she has passed away and its perfectly pitched for a child who's loving and missing and living without a person.