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DIY Mini Valentine Cards: Happy Hearts

DIY Mini Valentine Cards: Happy Hearts

Need to make a whole bunch of Valentines? This craft is sweet and simple and suitable for most kids to do with the gentle support of an adult. Stick on googly eyes are the star of this show, bringing our little hearts to life, just add a smile with a marker or pencil, or leave them without - both are CUTE.

You will need:

+ Construction Paper
+ Googly Eyes
+ Googly Eye Stickers
+ Glue stick
+ Pair of scissors

How to:

1. Take a sheet of bright construction paper to make the card. We’re going divide the sheet into four small sheets of paper to get a set of four mini cards. Fold in half and cut down the middle. Fold these two sheets in half again and cut each down the middle.

2. Now that we have our four smaller pieces of construction paper we can fold each in half to get our four little mini cards.


3. Cut out hearts from the paper. These can be wonky! They can be all different sizes, don’t be afraid if they are all different sizes and shapes that’s part of the charm.

4. Add glue to the backs of the hearts and attach to the front of the card.

5. Glue on googly eyes or attach eyeball stickers to the hearts. Add a smile with a marker and pencils & add your friends name inside!

Watch the DIY valentines videos on instagram for more ideas of easy valentine cards make with kids!