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Christmas Crafts Giant Cardboard Baubles

Christmas Crafts Giant Cardboard Baubles

painting white cardboard circles

It's the most crafty season of the year, and we're getting ready with some fun and fast crafts for you to try on a wintery afternoon. This one uses cardboard circles (grab some from the recycling bin or contact a local bakery for these pre cut ones that are often used under cakes). Paint them nice bright colours. You'll need two for one ornament. We made these oversized for maximum impact.

scoring the sides of the circle with sissors

Once the paint has dried, cut 10-12 slits around the edges of the circles. We'll use these notches for the yarn in a moment. The deeper the cuts the wider the edge around your geometric shape.

wrapping yarn around the cardboard shape

Now the fun really starts! Fasten some yarn (about a half a meter) to the back of your circle, then using the notches, criss-cross around the circle making any desired shape. Kids can do this any which way, there's no wrong way to do it.

Repeat this same process on several circles. Work in 2's so that you can sandwich glue two pieces together with the painted/geo yarn sides facing out. Add a small rectangle of cardboard (we chose gold poster board) to act as the top hanger for the bauble. Insert it between your two sides with the hole punch at the top.

Last, allow your bauble to dry + then add a piece of scrap yarn to the top to act as your hanger. Decorate the mantle or your tree with these awesome, oversized wonders!


Happy Crafting Friends!