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Christmas Crafts Sparkly Pom Pom Garlands

Christmas Crafts Sparkly Pom Pom Garlands

This simple craft is so easy to make and will have your home sparkly, festive and fun in moments.

It's best to do this one with your children, as they'll enjoy dipping the pom poms in the glue + sparkles - best to do it together and avoid major spills. I recommend that only an adult or older kid use the needle and thread needed to string the pom poms.

Here we go!

For this craft you'll need 

Store bought pom poms of various colours and sizes (cotton balls work too!)

White Glue

Loose sparkles

Needle and Thread

Wax paper or a clean surface for drying that glue won't stick to.

dipping pom poms into white glue (one side only)

Start by putting glitter and glue into separate shallow bowls or lids.

Pinch a pom pom and dip it gently into the glue, and then into the glitter.

Set aside on wax paper to dry.

dip pom pom into sparkles

sparkly pom poms drying

Allow the pom poms to dry - this could take about an hour.

Next, thread a needle and approximately 1m of heavy thread.

pushing needle into pom pom

pull thread through pom poms

Simply string your pom poms along the thread, spacing them at the desired length.

pom pom garland

Hang on the tree or above a door way.




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